Fall and Christmas Markets 2016

Last year I thoroughly enjoyed spending time at the Constance Bay Community Market, and the Kinburn Christmas Craft Sale.  I signed up for both again this year, starting this coming Saturday.  I am spending the bulk of my free time this week preparing goodies to sell in addition to maple syrup, including maple butter, maple fudge, and maple pie.  Yesterday I focused on making pastry for the maple pies, which I’ll sell by the slice, or for those interested, by the pie.  I’ll make the filling and assemble the pies the day before the market, on Friday.  This morning I changed gears, focusing instead on whipping up a batch of maple butter.  It filled the house with a maple aroma, giving me the sense of being in the sugar shack again, surrounded by maple scented mist.  My favorite ways of enjoying maple butter are on toast, as icing on muffins and cakes, or as a glaze on chicken.  Tomorrow my aims are to make at least 60 maple cones, then Thursday is fudge day! MMmm mmm MMMMM!

Next year my hope is to have honey for sale too.  I’m very excited by all the different possibilities of products bringing honey into the mix presents.  From liquid honey to comb honey, beeswax candles and even beeswax lotions, there are so many possibilities.  I am open to suggestions and if any readers have any ideas please let me know!  Right now I’m intrigued by the idea of a maple scented candle…


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