Abuzz About Bees

I ordered my bees!!  Wow, I’ve got so much to think about and do and prepare for my their arrival now!  My mind has been buzzing, hatching new plans about this until they arrive.  Now I get to wait.  Until May.  Wait and brainstorm until May when they arrive.  Maybe wait and scheme conjures a better mental image.  I’m excited!

We planted some apple trees last year close to where they’ll be situated.  I know there is an abundance of other nectar sources around as well and I’d like to be able to identify them as I walk around so I’ve been doing lots of research on that.  The beekeeping course I took at Algonquin College last year was very informative and made me feel ready to get my own hives this year.  “Attracting Native Pollinators”, “The Hive and the Honey Bee”, “The Backyard Beekeeper”, “The Quest for the Perfect Hive” are a couple of the books I’ve been reading to educate myself on what I’m getting myself into.  Since I work in a library, finding books on the topic is a cinch.  In fact I’m up to my eyeballs in beekeeping literature.  Finding the time to read everything is the hard part.  Luckily I’ve got a couple of more months to get through the deluge of bee info before they arrive.

5 thoughts on “Abuzz About Bees

  1. Sounds like you’re well prepared. Before I got the first look at my bees I questioned the description that so many beekeepers give of the feeling when you see them, and when you open the hive. Not anymore! It’s such an amazing thing to see them, smell the hive, and even have them touching you. Wishing you the best. Please do keep us up to date with your experiences.

    • Oh, you have me yearning for May to arrive with my order of bees. Your description is music to my ears. I went to a public viewing of a local apiary one evening in the summer and got to watch them open a hive, examine it – I even got to hold a frame with a couple of bees on it. I am eager to be able to examine and tinker with my own hives and watch the colonies grow.

      • It is amazing even when you get your package or nucleus colony, and then the first time you open you own full hive–awesome. I’ll be looking for you posts on you experience. May will get here even though it seems like a long time. Good luck!

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